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Custom Coda ZX6R 636 Exhaust

From our first pipe (above) 11 years ago, to designs of the future, we strive to push boundaries and except no limitations. We are in the design phase of several new exhausts and will have pics up soon. Stay Tuned!

Coda Exhaust Made in Tucson, AZ

Custom Coda CBR1000RR Exhaust

At Coda Exhaust we take pride in what we do. We use only the highest quality materials like 16 Gauge 304L Stainless Steel. Which is Tig welded in house. Made here in the U.S.A. Our exhausts offer some of the highest performances numbers around for the ZX6R and 636. As our dyno graph's show we've made 120+ Horse Power with these pipes! No other company can even come close to the power output that can be attained by using our exhaust.

We've spent Hundreds of hours testing and engineering for optimum exhaust flow and tonality. We use Computational Fluid Dynamics software to model the flow characteristics of each exhaust model we produce. Factoring in: exhaust pulse energy production, scavenging effect, bend radii, intersecting angles, total system volume, flow rate, back pressure, temperature, velocity etc... From conceptualization to Implementation we cover as many aspects as possible. Our exhaust engineer has a background in the aerospace and missile defense systems industries; Utilizing Matlab, Fortran, Perl, C++ and Pro Engineer for simulation and testing purposes. Our exhaust pipes are an extension of us and who we are & we want to make sure, what you put your hard earned money into, will greatly benefit you and you're machine.

Our two wheeled passion started with bicycles. Scwinn's, Huffy's and Haro's. Seeing who could jump the highest and farthest, we always had a yearning for the ride. The only thing that's changed over the years is we got bigger, faster bikes and now our two wheeled rockets have 200+ hp! Every gas filled revolution brings new and exciting products and idea's to fruition. We love what we do and we hope our products bring a smile to your face as they do ours!

The Future Of Coda

Who We Are and What We Do

Upclose Custom Coda CBR1000RR Exhaust
Upclose2 Custom Coda CBR1000RR Exhaust
Coda Exhaust GSXR ZX6R R6 R1 Busa CBR

Masters of Our Craft